quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011

Vídeo: Harraguantanamo (jornada pelo mediterraneo documentada por um tunisino)

70 photos, taken with his mobile phone from March 28 to April 17, 2011, show the journey as "harraga" (clandestine) of Ilyess, 30, a native of Zarzis (Tunisia). The crossing to Lampedusa, between emergence and host, until he reaches the camp of Trapani, where he lived for 13 days "like Guantanamo" (as he says): not enough water for showers to be used by 700 people, escape attempts initially denied by the police, the constant uncertainty about his fate.

Ilyess mobile phone photographs the vessel carrying migrants, the host family met in Lampedusa and above all the camp of Trapani, which he defines as his "Guantanamo": the food (given from behind a grid for security issues), phone cards, relax moments playing football or dancing, the hunger strikes and protests and finally the temporary residence permit for humanitarian protection. The latest images show the Sicilian landscape Ilyess sees through the window of the bus when he is finally free to continue his journey and tries to reach Paris. Ilyess arrived in Paris April 20, 2011.

Photos: Ilyess Ben Chouikha
Treatment: Giulia Bondi
Music: Caldero Roots, Paiheux
Thanks to: Luigi Ottani, Piero Del Giudice

Harraguantanamo on Vimeo

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