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Artigos: Revolt in Lampedusa: CIE in flames « clandestina

CIE of Lampedusa set on fire by the Tunisians: “No deportations”

«The elderly lock themselves in the house, the kids put a handkerchief to their mouth while the column of smoke blown by the mistral invades. Smell of plastic, scrap metal, burnt rubber. “A toxic cloud – dare someone – who knows how much crap we are breathing.” The sky turns from blue to gray, the airport closes, the police are unleashed to to look for hundreds of escaped Tunisians. And Lampedusa falls again in the worst of nightmares, with two of the three warehouses in the centre of the district Imbriacola incinerated by the fire lit by a group of migrants exasperated by confinement and deportation. The anger, the fear of invasion, the memories of the old fire in February 2009 come back. Mayor Dino De Rubeis abandon all restraint and talks about war: “There is a population that cannot bear any longer, that wants to take to the streets with batons – he says – who should protect us has not done so. What we expected , unheeded by the national government, has happened, with 1,500 immigrants who have proved to be people of ill repute. ” The deputy mayor Angela Maraventano, senator of the Northern League, shoots even bigger, “Tunis should compensate us and welcome them in the country’s prisons.”»

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Revolt in Lampedusa: CIE in flames « clandestina

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